Thursday, 17 May 2012

The True Value of Practise

At times I have begun to question the monetary return on some activities I practise. 

Especially electric guitar, which doesn't have a perceivable direct return on fitness and health in the same way weightlifting and running do; and yet I have practised it for many years with no payment so far.

My conclusion, is to recognise that whilst I am practising anything to the best of my ability which inspires and empowers me to express myself, I am most certainly moving towards excellence; and an evolution in the very nature of who I am.

Whether training my physique, playing electric guitar, snowboarding or any other activity that I enjoy immensely and within which i see meaning and self-expression, I recognise that I am in the process of becoming a supreme being; defined by excellence and exceptional ability. 

This is what counts - and what will come to define me.


Scott Bradley said...

Dear Maverick

You deleted my post. I thought you appreciated engagement and dialogue with like minded dynamic people? I thought you were creative like me.

I'm creative because I have a MacBook Pro. It's ok if you don't have a MacBook Pro because MacBook Pro's are only for creative people.

My MacBook Pro is the 12 inch 400mhz version. People are stupid paying so much for the intel Macs. I bought an iBook, painted it silver and used Letraset to write MacBook Pro on it. It is exactly the same as a real one and as I only use Microsoft Word, it suits all my requirements.

Everyone agrees with me that I am the most creative person they know. My MacBook Pro allows me to express my creativity by letting everyone know that I own a MacBook Pro. People sometimes ask "Is that a MacBook Pro?" to which I reply, "Yes it is, because I am creative".

Once when I was hiking and became lost in the wilderness, I was attacked by bears. Luckily, I had my MacBook Pro with me which has my face as the desktop picture. I raised the screen high above my head, effectively looking taller to the bears, and they ran away. I then used the shiny titanium case to signal a rescue plane.

The best thing about having a MacBook Pro is that you can take it anywhere. Now I can have Scott time anytime.

Alex Napier Holland said...

Ok ok, you're pretty funny - whoever you are!

euphuistica said...

Perhaps your payment for practicing is your enjoyment of it?