Saturday, 5 May 2012

Never, EVER Give Up! (Arthur Boorman's story)

I wanted to share the following video with you. It's the most inspiring body transformation I've seen so far and a perfect example of the powerful beauty and joy training can bring into our lives.

I challenge anyone to watch this and not agree:

- How profound and meaningful it can be to transform your body.

- That very nearly ANYONE can do it!

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postmodern_freak said...

My mum and I have just watched this...thanks for posting! I too believe in excellence and never giving up. My mum had a stroke recently and she's doing physio rehab, havuing shiatsu and about to start a tai chi class. I think those things are all secondary to the hope that burns fiercely inside to never give up... to live, to flourish, to prosper, to believe in better and to persevere. Beyond medics, critics, politicians and all the potential drudgery of the material world, there is a spirit that is bright that wants to be encouraged and grow. To growth, joy and true happiness! :-)